The first version of MobiTileTM, the cloud social platform of a new generation, was introduced a few days ago.

The platform is an aggregator of Internet services, allowing to interconnect social networks, blogs, news resources, to filter and segregate their feeds into custom topical streams. This approach eliminates the need to collect and sort information from different sources manually. Output data within the platform is presented in the unified format that considerably simplifies its processing and general navigation. At present the platform unifies Facebook, Twitter, WordPress services and custom RSS feeds.


The platform’s notable feature is offline monitoring of the sources connected. Monitoring includes the ability to search online feeds by user-defined keywords and phrases. Upon detection of relevant information a Push Notification is sent to a user’s device. Using offline monitoring eliminates the need for routine browsing of multiple sources and saves your time for more important things.

Other MobiTileTM features include in-app messenger, built-in mtCloudTM file storage, simultaneous publication and citation in multiple social accounts, supporting basic functions of social networking, customization of user devices by creating multiple device profiles within a single user account. The features are listed in full at

MobiTileTM service is designed both for SN users and bloggers, and for marketing professionals, analysts, PR specialists in the field of social media. The symbiosis of cloud and mobile technologies circumvents limitations of mobile devices in memory volume, processing power, battery life. All this makes MobiTileTM services attractive for vast mobile audiences.

The platform is implemented on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud basis. The MobiTileTM mobile app for iOS was released to present the capabilities of the service. Release of the apps for Android, Apple Mac and Windows is expected soon.


The project team is now working on improving implemented features and expansion of the platform’s infrastructure, as well as connecting new media sources to the platform.


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